As we move into 2018 we welcome Dr Saj Azfar as the new Chairman for GP Care:


I am proud to have been elected to succeed Dr Hussain as Chairman of GP Care Services Ltd and would like to formally thank him for his dedication and loyalty to the company and his mentorship of myself throughout my time on the board of directors. We all look forward to working with him as a board member in the future.

GP Care has undergone a rapid phase of growth recently; restructured its board and made large investments in securing new business. My first role as chair will be to ensure we consolidate and optimise our current activities for maximum benefits of our patients, clients and ultimately our shareholders.  I will also be working with the new board to develop a 5 year road map for the future of the company, which will take us into our next phase of growth as a key player in primary health and social care provision.


We would all like to say a huge thank you and fond farewell to our preceding Chairman, Dr Musharraf Hussain.