Refurbishment work at The Village Medical Centre in Littleborough is due to begin the week commencing 15th January 2018. We are excited for the work to begin and to improve services for all patients. 

The overall objective of the work is to support and enable the transformation of the Village Medical Centre. The work will enable the practice to provide consistent, high quality, modern primary care services to all its patients. It will also work in cohesion with the redesign of health and social care services in the borough, and across the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

Our goals for the refurbishment are to ensure we provide a more welcoming practice for all patients which meets all the Health and Safety standards of the CQC. This includes: 

  • Mum and child waiting area to ensure it is a comfortable and versatile space.
  • Improved car parking, entrance and toilet arrangements for full access to services by all members of the community, including those with physical or sensory disabilities.
  • Flexible patient areas created to the highest standard to enable increased use of the practice by a wider range of health and social care professionals. This will support integrated health and social care in the locality, and will enable more patients to be seen outside of a hospital environment.
  • Modernised use of carpeted space in the practice for an environment that meets all of the requirements and good practice indicators for quality care within primary care, including the relevant standards set by the Care Quality Commission.
  • Transformation of the current reception and waiting areas to improve patient comfort and convenience, and to ensure the we support the maintenance of confidentiality.


To improve the patient experience of services at the practice we will improve the quality of facilities with:

  • Better, more comfortable waiting areas
  • Improved arrangements for confidentiality
  • Better consulting rooms 
  • A portable hearing loop, for patients with hearing impairment
  • Equal access to services for patients with physical or sensory disabilities, reducing requirement for assistance.


The work will complement the development of the practice as a hub of community activity for residents and visitors to the historic village of Littleborough. It will enhance the experience of living in or visiting Littleborough as we work to develop the grounds of the practice. This will include planting a sustainable garden to the front of the practice and increased access to practice facilities (e.g., rooms) for community organisations. 

Due to the necessary refurbishments there may be some disruptions to your visit. While we hope to keep this to an absolute minimum, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused throughout this time. Please note the surgery will be open as usual, with completion planned for late February 2018. 

For help with access, please call 01706 370666.