GP Care Services: The Heart of Your Health Care

We are more than just a management service. We are your local health care team. Here to strengthen community relationships, grow the knowledge base of your local GP services, and make health care more accessible for all.

Our vision is to offer a sustainable, efficient, and effective care services. We work with local people, GPs and Health Care Professionals to raise the standards of community care, and deliver greater value across all local health systems. 


How do we do this?

  • We provide easy access to GP appointments with our 7 day access service
  • We guarantee to treat patients as individuals first and foremost
  • We always work to put your mind at rest when you need it most.

Now is the time to improve the health and well being of our community. By working together with GPs and other local organisations we aim to provide a higher standard of health care through clear, open and honest action.


Where did we start?

We began with just 12 member practices, all with Limited by Guarantee shares in the business. Our shareholders then elected board members who, working closely with NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale PCT (Primary Care Trust), GPs and practices, began to develop the initial community care services.

We faced the question: how do we deliver care close to home, saving patients and GPs time and money? With community care at the heart of all we do we opened the doors to The Kingsway Practice in 2009; and 4 years later gained borough wide provider status.

We put in place efficient, cost effective structures to make GP appointments easier and increase the standard of community care. With hard work and true dedication to your patients we now provide:

  • Domiciliary and Paediatric phlebotomy services
  • A partnership with the Intermediate Tier Services: including The Wolstenholme Unit at Rochdale Infirmary, Tudor Court and virtual beds within the community
  • 7 day access to GP appointments
  • GP Care Connections
  • Rotamaster management
  • A partnership with Integrated Neighbourhood Care Teams

Through structured support, coordination and commitment we are making a real difference to care within your local community. We know our GPs and will always provide local care for local people with our team of dedicated specialists.

Local care should offer different treatment options to fit your needs with friendly faces when you need them most. It’s what we do.

Serious about health. Passionate about local care. Dedicated to you.


We also work collaboratively with the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (HMR CCG) which is led by GPs and other health professionals who are responsible for deciding how the local healthcare budget is spent to make sure quality services are provided closer to home. To find out more, read here

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