GP Care Services now support a £9m contract to deliver a range of community health and care services through integrated teams across Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale and Greater Manchester. Dr Mahdi, Clinical Governance lead for GP Care Services, leads the Integrated Neighbourhood Care Team (INCT) with community health and care teams providing: 


- Community nursing and therapy services for adults

- Treatment room services

- Expert patient (health promotion) services

- Neuro rehabilitation

- Amputee services

- Epilepsy services

- Stroke early supported discharge services

- Pulmonary rehabilitation

- Tissue viability

- Bladder and bowel

- Plus speech and language therapy

The teams also provide the out of hours adult community nursing service for patients within HMR. Our team members serve a population of 235,000 people across the Rochdale borough. The partnership has helped develop a strong support system built to ensure people enjoy longer, healthier lives. For those in need of easier access to healthcare we provide care at the right time and at the highest quality. 

A procurement exercise managed by NHS Heywood Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (HMR CCG) established that The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, working in a new and unique partnership with local organisations including; BARDOC (Bury and Rochdale Doctors on Call), GP Care Services Ltd (Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Borough Wide Provider of HealthCare Services), Greater Manchester Crossroads Together (previously Carers Trust), Link4life (Rochdale Borough wide Cultural Trust), Rochdale Housing Initiative, and VIC (Veterans in Communities), was the strongest bid to meet the needs of local people. 

The Integrated Neighbourhood Team provides a range of health and care professionals with new and innovative roles bespoke to the neighbourhoods they provide for. 

Steve Taylor, Managing Director/Chief Officer for Bury/Rochdale for The Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust, said: 

“We are delighted to have secured the opportunity to work with local GP practices and organisations in this unique partnership to deliver our shared ambition of truly joined up health and care services for the people and families of Rochdale borough. Each of the multidisciplinary integrated neighbourhood teams bring health and care professionals together. We are keen to work with the vast and valuable range of organisations that also support people in the borough to deliver this vision and to provide joined up, accessible and responsive care in local neighbourhoods that means people are cared for and supported in the right place with the right care at the right time." 

Gail Whitehead, C.O. of GP Care Services, and the NCT partnership stated:

“The neighbourhood care team helps us to build on strengths as a network. To care and support at neighbourhood level, understand the individual and neighbourhood needs and assets. To provide knowledge; support and expertise within community groups. This will allow us to engage and respond to communities and work as ‘place based teams’ to improve the well-being of our neighbourhoods and town. The plan? By 2021, we will have reduced health and wellbeing inequalities between our most and least deprived communities and between the Borough and the rest of Greater Manchester.”

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GP Care Services are a local provider of GP management and community healthcare services. We work with local people, GPs and Health Care Professionals to raise the standards of community care, and deliver greater value across all local health systems. 


Our Testimonials

Paediatric Phlebotomy Service user said:

“Today I took my little girl to have bloods at Kingsway clinic. Janette was the lady who made the whole experience one to be shared [...] I can hand on heart praise your paediatric blood service. Yes, my little girl had a massive meltdown as she did last week, but Jeanette was brilliant and able to get some bloods.

I would really like to thank you all again especially Jeanette for making a massive difference today to my little girl, and instilling confidence in myself that there are professionals out there who are very child centred. Thank you. Please feel free to forward this email to Jeanette to remind her what a fabulous job she is doing with our children.”

Community Gynaecology Service User said:

It has been lovely to talk to someone who not only understands but can take the time to talk to me and explain everything in detail.

7 Day Access service user said:

“A short note to say a big “thank you” for the kind gesture made towards my 92 year old father (John Allen). You treated him at the Peterloo out of hours clinic last Monday in Middleton. Despite having arranged transport (which failed to turn up), he then experienced difficulty in organising a taxi to take him home. You, however, very kindly took him back home in your own car. The whole family were very moved by this gesture and wanted to thank you personally.”

Community Gynaecology Service User said:

Very friendly, caring, took the time to listen and understand. I could tell the Nurse and Doctor were passionate about their job.

Paediatric Phlebotomy Service User said:

Not a bad comment to make, lovely Nurse that worked well with my daughter.

7 Day Access service user said:

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks, as I know how stretched the NHS is and people are quick to complain. But I wanted to express my gratitude at the excellent service I received. Not only from my doctors surgery in Edenfield , but from the staff at the Phoenix Centre when I attended an out of hours appointment last Tuesday.

I've moved recently from Stretford and found it very difficult to get an appointment with no real help apart from " go to a walk in centre". Your service should be commended and I wanted to say you've got some great staff working for you and I only know her as Janet. Her quality of service and empathy was a refreshing change!"

Intermediate Tier Service user said:

"I was on holiday in Portugal, fell and fractured my hip. They brought me back to the UK to Wolstenholme. I've been here a week & would like to say what a lovely friendly ward, nothing is too much trouble for the staff & the food is wonderful. If all the NHS was run like this it would be great."

Community Gynaecology Service User said:

The Doctor and Nurses are very nice.

Paediatric Phlebotomy Service User said:

Wonderful service! Very child friendly. Lovely lady - thank you. Couldn't be better.

Community Gynaecology Service User said:

I was put at ease - lovely understanding Doctor and Nurse. The Doctor explained exactly what was happening and the nurse was pleasant.