GP Care Services: The Heart of Your Health Care

We are more than just a management service. We are your local health care team. Here to strengthen community relationships, grow the knowledge base of your local GP services, and make health care more accessible for all.

Our vision is to offer a sustainable, efficient, and effective care services. We work with local people, GPs and Health Care Professionals to raise the standards of community care, and deliver greater value across all local health systems.  

How do we do this?

- We guarantee to treat patients as individuals first and foremost

- We always work to put your mind at rest when you need it most

Now is the time to improve the health and well being of our community. By working together with GPs and other local organisations we aim to provide a higher standard of health care through clear, open and honest action. 

Where did we start?

We began with just 12 member practices, all with Limited by Guarantee shares in the business. Our shareholders then elected board members who, working closely with NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale PCT (Primary Care Trust), GPs and practices, began to develop the initial community care services.

We faced the question: how do we deliver care close to home, saving patients and GPs time and money? With community care at the heart of all we do we opened the doors to The Kingsway Practice in 2009, and 4 years later gained borough-wide provider status.

We put in place efficient, cost-effective structures to make GP appointments easier and increase the standard of community care. With hard work and true dedication to your patients we now provide:

- Domiciliary and Paediatric phlebotomy services

- A partnership with the Intermediate Tier Services: including The Wolstenholme Unit at Rochdale Infirmary, Tudor Court and virtual beds within the community

- GP Care Connections

- A partnership with Integrated Neighbourhood Care Teams

In addition, we extended our services to include Adult Social Care in 2018 as we opened The Willows Dementia Hub, a specialist centre providing high-quality support and care for people in Heywood, Middleton, and Rochdaleliving with dementia and their families. Through structured support, coordination and commitment we are making a real difference to care within your local community. We know our GPs and will always provide local care for local people with our team of dedicated specialists.

Local care should offer different treatment options to fit your needs with friendly faces when you need them most. It’s what we do.

Serious about health. Passionate about local care. Dedicated to you.


GP Care Services are a local provider of GP management and community healthcare services. We work with local people, GPs and Health Care Professionals to raise the standards of community care, and deliver greater value across all local health systems. 


Our Testimonials

Paediatric Phlebotomy Service user said:

“Today I took my little girl to have bloods at Kingsway clinic. Janette was the lady who made the whole experience one to be shared [...] I can hand on heart praise your paediatric blood service. Yes, my little girl had a massive meltdown as she did last week, but Jeanette was brilliant and able to get some bloods.

I would really like to thank you all again especially Jeanette for making a massive difference today to my little girl, and instilling confidence in myself that there are professionals out there who are very child centred. Thank you. Please feel free to forward this email to Jeanette to remind her what a fabulous job she is doing with our children.”

Community Gynaecology Service User said:

It has been lovely to talk to someone who not only understands but can take the time to talk to me and explain everything in detail.

7 Day Access service user said:

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks, as I know how stretched the NHS is and people are quick to complain. But I wanted to express my gratitude at the excellent service I received. Not only from my doctors surgery in Edenfield , but from the staff at the Phoenix Centre when I attended an out of hours appointment last Tuesday.

I've moved recently from Stretford and found it very difficult to get an appointment with no real help apart from " go to a walk in centre". Your service should be commended and I wanted to say you've got some great staff working for you and I only know her as Janet. Her quality of service and empathy was a refreshing change!"

Community Gynaecology Service User said:

Very friendly, caring, took the time to listen and understand. I could tell the Nurse and Doctor were passionate about their job.

Community Gynaecology Service User said:

I was put at ease - lovely understanding Doctor and Nurse. The Doctor explained exactly what was happening and the nurse was pleasant.

Community Gynaecology Service User said:

The Doctor and Nurses are very nice.

The Willows Service User said:

The Willows has become a lifesaver for both my husband and I. I no longer feel alone now I know that there is a wonderful place for both my husband I to come to. The comfort days are a wonderful break for me. I know that my husband is very well cared for. The entertainment provided for both my husband on his comfort days and both of us is excellent.

Intermediate Tier Service user said:

"I was on holiday in Portugal, fell and fractured my hip. They brought me back to the UK to Wolstenholme. I've been here a week & would like to say what a lovely friendly ward, nothing is too much trouble for the staff & the food is wonderful. If all the NHS was run like this it would be great."

7 Day Access service user said:

“A short note to say a big “thank you” for the kind gesture made towards my 92 year old father (John Allen). You treated him at the Peterloo out of hours clinic last Monday in Middleton. Despite having arranged transport (which failed to turn up), he then experienced difficulty in organising a taxi to take him home. You, however, very kindly took him back home in your own car. The whole family were very moved by this gesture and wanted to thank you personally.”

The Willows Service User said:

My father, whilst on daycare and respite, was treated with dignity and respect. The staff are truly amazing and go out of their way to assist and help with any problems or worries. My father enjoyed his time at The Willows and told me the meals are amazing. Thank you to everyone at The Willows, I truly appreciated being able to leave my precious father with you knowing he was getting the best possible care.

Paediatric Phlebotomy Service User said:

Wonderful service! Very child friendly. Lovely lady - thank you. Couldn't be better.

Paediatric Phlebotomy Service User said:

Not a bad comment to make, lovely Nurse that worked well with my daughter.